Edamame & Avo Mash

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Jazz up your regular avocado on toast with this super nutritious, plant protein-rich spread. A lot of people complain that avocado on toast isn't satisfying them, so why not up the protein, fibre and nutrient value by adding in this sneaky little legume to the party. The use of raw miso lends a bit of gut-loving probiotics to the equation too. It also tastes amazing and is great if not just for variety, without leaving out the avocado (because avocado should never be forgotten entirely!). 

No-Bake Fig & Pecan Protein Bars

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Protein and fibre packed, these spiced power bars are a nice alternative to bliss balls or muesli slices. I personally have one for morning tea or an after dinner snack. Not only loaded with protein, they contain some healthy carbs for energy from the dried fruit, and satiating, brain-healthy fats from the raw nuts. Anti-inflammatory, appetite-regulating, stamina-promoting and hormone-balancing superfood additions (turmeric, Maca, cinnamon, nutmeg) make it a sneaky source of abundant nutritional benefits! Enjoy 1 square/bar a day.

Apricot & Goji Iron-Rich Bites

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I’m all about food as medicine… Iron-rich bliss bites for you to boost those levels!
I’m finding low-iron (not necessarily deficiency) is quite common in clinic. Note: studies show that vegans and vegetarians are no more likely to have iron-deficiency anaemia than omnivores. As iron can be a pro-oxitant, I’m not too quick to over-prescribe it as a supplement. Our body has no specific mechanism to rid itself of excess meat-based and supplemental heme-iron (versus plant-based non-heme iron). Yet all we ever hear about is high-dose iron supps that can often lead to constipation! So, for a healthy booster, try working these bliss balls into your snacks, perfectly paired with goji berries (and optional lemon juice) for vit C, which enhances absorption 🙂