Rebalance Protocol


Rebalance: a 3-step protocol to eat your way to digestive ease, optimal detoxification, boundless energy and vibrant overall health! More than just a protocol, this book arms you with the information needed to understand your body better and implement healthy habits and routines for life.

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This book is for you if you are looking to elevate your health to the next level and support your bodies natural healing capabilities – optimising digestion & detoxification so that your body can support itself in the long-run. If you like the idea of a “cleanse” or “detox” but cannot bear the thought of giving up food, if you have tried it all and are searching for something sensible and sustainable to help you reach your health goals, or if you are looking to educate yourself on how your amazing body works so you can best serve it, Rebalance is what you are looking for. With over 130 pages Rebalance includes:

  • A section dedicated to educating you (in an approachable way) about how your body functions, so that you know what each phase of the protocol is targeted at. This helps with compliance – when we know why we are doing something, not simply just what to do, we are more likely to stick to it because it makes sense!
  • 7 overarching Health Principles to guide you on your journey – take these with you during the protocol and beyond;
  • The protocol broken down into three clear phases: Rest, Renew, Rebalance, with guidelines, meal plans and recipes for each;
  • Food prep guides for each phase;
  • An easy-to-follow shopping list to stay balanced;
  • Worksheets to invite you to check-in and encourage you to move closer toward your goals;
  • An entire lifestyle section dedicated to cleaning up your environment, lessening your toxic load, beauty basics, morning mood boosters, night-time non-negotiables, meditation options etc;
  • Appetite control tips & Strategies for success;
  • Over 40 delicious plant-based recipes – all of which are vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and simple to make!


Week 1

Phase 1: Rest (recommended 3-7 days)

We provide the body with the opportunity for a well-deserved break by lessening the load, whilst simultaneously sweeping the digestive tract with natural foods.

Week 2-4

Phase 2: Renew (recommended 14-21 days)

We continue on with many of the same principles and dishes as Rest, but we add more to the equation to flood the body with the nutrients it needs to optimally and efficiently detoxify.

Week 4+ 

Phase 3: Rebalance (recommended long-term)

This is about establishing a long-term way of eating that is realistic, enjoyable and sustainable. More room to treat yourself, whilst still prioritising health.