Healthy Hot Spots: Melbourne

My boyfriend, Mike, and I escaped for the weekend to Foodie-heaven i.e. Melbourne. It hadn’t been long since I was walking Melbourne’s beautiful streets, as I visited my brother who was living there last year, however since making the transition to 100% plant-based, I was desperate to go back, show Mike around and try out all the incredibly healthy, vegan creations! (Read: Will travel for food!!)

Not only is Melbourne a mecca for clean-eating, however there are also so many great yoga studios to explore as well. Whilst we live in Sydney, by the beach, with access to so much good food and yoga, it is definitely nice to change up the pace and be tourists for a weekend. It gave us the time we needed to slow down and enjoy the simple things – walking through different neighbourhoods (when do you do this in your hometown?!), try exciting menus and different yoga/exercise studios, sit in a park, travel far for a vegan croissant (!!!), indulge, read, take a bath, go to bed early, and of course, each other.

So, I thought I would share with you some of the little gems we found so that you can curate your own Melbourne getaway whenever you get the chance…

Transformers: My favourite dinner spot – the tofu buns and kelp noodles are our favourite! I love how you can do wellness shots before dinner too ;)

Smith & Daughters: Vegan Nachos, need I say more? Save this one for dinner, it’s really vibey and full of Mexican deliciousness.

Serotonin Eatery: Probably my favourite daytime cafe, the Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll Bowl (pictured) was bursting with vibrance and flavour, my ginger and lemon tea was perfection (they have a tea sommelier :O), and the choc mint mini magnum on the way out was heaven! A must.

Monk Bodhi Dharma: This place is so effortlessly cool. It’s different to all the usual “clean” cafe’s that are all shiny and brand new, and is much more New York City – less hype, a little grungey, very creative, extremely creative and delicious. The vegan pancakes are insane, and I was dying to try the mushrooms on toast (but didn’t get a chance, so you should! Tell me how it is…), so I will definitely be back. They also have a few baked goodies I had my eye on!

Tall Timber: Spectacular food for all taste buds + great coffee

Top Paddock: Gorgeous, cosy interior, delicious coffee, delicious green juice (didn’t get a chance to eat here, but I am told it doesn’t disappoint!)

Matcha Mylk Bar: The infamous fake egg- actually the reason I went to Melbourne! I had to try it! Turns out, it is made from coconut and sweet potato puree. It’s not bad, but don’t expect it to taste like egg! What really blew my mind were the eggplant meat balls. Definitely go here and order anything, soo many stand-outs!

Drugstore Espresso: This is where you come for good coffee, juice and Acai. Perfect when you need a shopping break from Chapel St.

Barry: Try the crunchy peanut butter, heirloom tomatoes and peanuts on toast! Don’t judge, just try…

Two Birds One Stone: My brother is a coffee connoisseur and when we told him where we were located, this was his pick. We both loved the coffee, and I also picked up a green juice which was yummy.

Mr Nice Guy Bake Shop: A whole bakery dedicated to veganism? Yes please! Croissants, brioche doughnuts, cinnamon buns?? You get it… 😉

Didn’t quite get to these places, but will definitely be back for them…

  • Shokuiku

  • We are Combi

  • Sister of Soul

  • Smith & Deli